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Managed IT companies fix unforeseen problems quickly

13 Nov, 2018

For every problem, there is a solution but all we want is ‘a quick turnaround’ in a resolution of any problem be it a personal or professional situation.

Imagine you are starting your day at work and the first thing you experience is your computer is misbehaving for some reason. You would probably call an IT support desk and all you would expect at that moment is ‘Quick Turnaround’ in getting the issue fix. Every minute you spend waiting for your IT guy to fix the issue is a minute of productivity wasted.

You can’t let the downtime be the downfall of your business and all you need is a fine-tuned comprehensive Managed IT Service Provider.

Managed Services – A buzzword in IT Support world

Managed Services allows businesses to offload IT operations to a third party, known as a Managed Service Provider.

A Managed Service Provider basically continuously monitors IT networks 24*7 and mitigates risks and problems before they arise and disrupts business operations.

In fact, Managed Service has become one of the biggest investment control in technology businesses which occurs because of hidden costs of lost time and productivity due to technical issues. Routine upgrades, fixing technical glitches and unforeseen issues can cause a network to down and impact business operations negatively.

It all started with Break-Fix Service Model

Earlier maintenance used to be break-fix only means when something breaks, the IT contractor guys are called and they came running to fix it.

As the time passes by, the support teams developed processes and procedures to periodically visit on-site to do system review. In some cases, a checklist was also used to record disk and processor usage etc.

But the problem remained same that the support people could only figure out something when they checking at that particular time and if something happened later, they would get to know about it only at the later stage when the customer called to report an issue.

Hence Break-fix service model is considered to be a reactive approach to IT as the problem is fixed only when the IT contractor is on-site, identifies the problem and then fix it.

Managed IT Services Movement

Managed services began with the fortune 500 companies when in early 90’s Simple Network Management Protocols were developed that could watch the system and signal problems as early as possible. Though they were initially expensive for small business, in 2005, IT support started to mature that gradually allowed smaller and medium companies also to take advantage of the same protocols and procedures. And this started the Managed Services movement.

Software’s for Managed Services that are in place today serves two major goals:

  • Get away from ‘everything being an emergency’ by sending an alert for any symptom or risk on your network before or when it happens.
  • Every alert to treat as important and to be addressed before it causes any downtime.

To Conclude

Today no business can afford the risk and unpredictability of relying on a ‘Break-Fix Service’ because businesses are too dependent on having reliable IT Infrastructure. And if you really fall behind in keeping up with simple yet important things such as upgrades, backups, patches, and security, then there are better chances that you will face the problems and outages down the road that will negatively impact the business.

A well maintained, proactively serviced system will always run better than the alternative and you can focus on running the business seamlessly and not the technology. So what are you waiting for? Just switch to the Managed Services provided by Levit8 Business IT Solution and experience an additional level of comfort and security with ‘always-eyes-on’ 24 hours monitoring service.