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Why 3CX?

Boost productivity. Increase mobility. Reduce costs.

With a hosted 3CX Phone system

It’s time to let go of your old, inflexible and expensive PBX Phone System and embrace the future of communication technology. Traditional business phone systems have a reputation for being extremely expensive to setup, and require costly external consultants to manage and maintain. Not only that, these proprietary on-premise PBX systems offer very little in the way of mobility and scalability, requiring further capital every time you need to make a change or add functionality. We say no more! The future of telephony has arrived

Introducing 3CX Hosted PBX…

today’s more affordable, flexible communication solution

No longer is it necessary to have to put up with inflexible, stale and expensive technology – The 3CX Phone system has revolutionised your old business Phone system by creating a software-based PBX that is extremely powerful and feature rich, easy to scale up or down and, most importantly, has a great price tag!

If you think you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars for this advanced technology – think again. You’re in for a great surprise.

Some of the amazing features 3CX offers:

  • Big business phone features — with 3CX Hosted PBX, you get all the telephone features that big corporations have come to know and love, including a digital receptionist, music-on-hold, ring groups and least-cost routing, to name a few!
  • More calling features — enjoy all the standard features you had with your old phone system plus many more, without paying extra for them: personalised voicemail for each extension, 3-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, transfers, call forwarding to mobile, and more. Plus, you get an online dashboard to easily manage your communications, with call history, voicemail notification to email, calling from your PC softphone, and more.
  • Freedom and mobility — take your office extension anywhere you like with the Virtual Office Mobile app for the Android, iPhone and iPad.
  • Slash costs — local, long distance, and international calls are all so much cheaper as you leverage the power of VoIP to reduce call costs – and there’s NO need to buy or lease an old, expensive on-site PBX phone system.

If you’re looking for big business phone features at small business prices, call us now!

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