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Managed IT companies fix unforeseen problems quickly

13 Nov, 2018

For every problem, there is a solution but all we want is ‘a quick turnaround’ in a resolution of any problem be it a personal or professional situation. Imagine you are starting your day at work and the first thing you experience is your computer is misbehaving for some reason. You would probably call an […]

Now everyone can fight email Clutter

28 Nov, 2016
email Clutter

How many emails do you receive a day? And how many are of actual value to you or your business? In an internet-driven business environment, plenty of us feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of email we receive, and the amount of productive work time it takes us to deal with it all. Even if […]

4 ways to save your business from disaster

28 Nov, 2016
ways to save your business from disaster

The one mistake most small business owners make is not thinking about a disaster before it happens. Unfortunately, when their businesses are threatened with a sudden flood and massive data loss, it’s already cost them plenty of time and money. Disasters can come in a variety of forms, whether as a result of natural causes […]

4 essential components of a BCP

28 Nov, 2016
essential components of a BCP

Disasters can strike and ruin businesses at the most unexpected times, but observant companies will prepare for the worst – they will have a business continuity plan (BCP) at the ready. Not only can they survive a disaster, they also gain an increased competitive advantage over competitors due to quick responsiveness and recovery. But there […]

4 data backup methods

28 Nov, 2016
New Office 365 suite

Data is essential for running an organization, and it is certainly the central component of any business continuity plan. Without immediate and constant access to data, your business will come to a grinding halt. Worse still, in the event of a disaster you could risk losing valuable data if you don’t have a backup strategy […]

5 tips to market your business online

28 Nov, 2016
tips to market your business online

Companies need to effectively advertise their products and services if they are to stay competitive in today’s market. But choosing the right marketing approach for your business is not easy, and you could end up spending more money on advertising that you actually make from it. This is where a well thought-out marketing strategy can […]

New Office 365 suite announced

28 Nov, 2016
New Office 365 suite

Microsoft recently announced its plans to phase out their current Office 365 E4 suite and replace it with a new, premium package known as E5. While a release date has yet to be specified, Microsoft has stated that they intend to make the product available by the end of this year. What does this mean […]