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Case Studies

Gall Standfield & Smith is a well-known law firm based in Southport. Gold Coast. During their 35 years in business, GSS has built a reputation for their honesty and good merit Grant Perry is the Office Manager at GSS, and has been Levit8’s point of contact for nearly one year. In the following, Mr. Perry will elaborate on his experience with Levit8’s team during his journey through the world of IT.


The Situation: A Slow Network with Old Servers and Phone Systems, As Well As a Lack of Disaster Recovery

Prior to our entrance. Gall Stanfield & Smith were facing several issues in relation to their IT systems. Some of these issues included:

  • Slow network
  • Old servers
  • Slow desktops
  • Very old phone system
  • No offsite backup solutions
  • No disaster recovery plan

We knew that immediate changes were vital to their future growth.

The Solution: A Full Server Upgrade and a Backup Solution to Keep Them Able to Recover When Disaster Strikes

LevitS immediately proposed a full server upgrade from hardware, to operating systems as well as new server rack. and network switches.

The specific technologies and services that were implemented include:

  • 3CX VoIP telephony systems
  • VM ware and Hyper V
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Exchange Server 2010 Shadow Protect backup solution
  • levit8’s IT Manager Package which includes managed services support for all of their ICT needs such as: Phones. servers, desktops. laptops, network routers, switches, VPN’s, remote office connectivity, mobile phones, printers, scanners, LCD screens, web conferencing, backup. and anti-virus

“Levit8’s team always respond promptly to any issues we may have, as well as suggest improvements for our consideration. We enjoy all the benefits of a full in-house IT department for a fraction of the cost and without all the hassles of setting up and dealing with the staffing issues,” explains Mr. Perry.

We are pleased to say that GSS are now operating on a fast, state of the art network that has improved staff productivity. increased morale. and provided drastic cost savings. They are now secure and fully prepared to reach their full growth potential

levit8 were chosen for their reliability, honesty, and generally always showing a can-do attitude. Beau, Jamie and the team have always shown me respect and when we need them they are available. Nothing too small or too large for them,” says Mr. Perry.

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