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Stop paying too much for your IT support – and prevent IT problems before they cause downtime – by engaging Levit8 Business IT Solutions’ flat rate fee services and support.

Many local companies in and around the Gold Coast area are still using the traditional break/fix method of technology support, but our clients know that being billed an hourly rate for IT services isn’t an economical way of getting the help they need.

The thing is, because IT issues have a way of recurring – and because break/fix IT guys actually profit from your problems, there is no real reason for them to fix faults for good. The more problems you experience, the more work you create for the IT support company, and the more money you end up paying them.

At Levit8 Business IT Solutions we believe that there is a fairer way to work, and that being partners instead of adversaries is a far more positive way of doing business. That’s why when you choose a flat monthly fee service, you get more bang for your buck as it is in our best interests to ensure your technology is always up and running.

And that means we treat issues proactively BEFORE they can do you any harm.

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