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Our Difference

We have gone far beyond simply selling technology; we provide business solutions and service tailored to your needs.

Levit8 Business IT Solutions, a top Gold Coast IT Services Company brings over 20 years of combined business experience, with tried and tested knowledge in implementing IT solutions that serve the ultimate purpose in enhancing business productivity and connectivity. We strive to give our clients peace of mind knowing they have competent professionals looking after their technology – guiding them to make wise investments that truly bring value in these rapidly changing times.

How do we deliver true value to your company?

That’s simple: we don’t try to sell you anything that you don’t need or won’t be of long term benefit for your business’s productivity and profitability. We want you to feel like we’re your trusted technology partners – someone you can call, without having to worry about additional cost, whenever an issue occurs or you simply have a question.

We don’t see ourselves as a costly commodity, but rather a valuable resource that can be tapped into at any time.

When dealing with us you can expect the following:

We are committed to being the best service and support company out there. We develop our approach through new and existing service level agreements (SLA) and refine our high level of service and support through continual contact and close liaison with you; number one, the client. Our SLA’s are flexible, reduce risk, and provide business benefits to both your organisation and us.
Technology is great when it’s working, however when it fails it can really impact your business. Through the use of state of the art management tools Levit8 Business IT Solutions proactively monitor your network, servers, routers and other devices remotely 24/7 to ensure that they keep on operating as they should. Using this method our technicians can see if something is not performing correctly and quickly fix it before it becomes a disaster, minimising downtime to your business.
If you are finding it hard to deal with software support companies and other vendors it is most likely due to the fact that most of their service and response helpdesks are located overseas. Levit8 Business IT Solutions are here for you to depend on; call us and our technicians can offer you over the phone technical support quickly, using terminology and language you understand.
Levit8 Business IT Solutions don’t sell solutions to your business; instead we provide logical, business solutions tailored to your individual business needs. Every client, project or contract that we have been part of has been specifically tailored to help the client achieve their goals more efficiently.
Here at Levit8 Business IT Solutions we place major emphasis on communication and reporting to our clients. We provide industry leading technology in reporting to you on a regular basis how your technology is working for you. If you have any concerns along the way, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime to discuss.
Working closely with all major brands as well as many small brands allows us to provide you with unbiased, honest recommendations and advice. Your business technology is our major concern, and most importantly we will always provide the best solution for your organisation.
We are 100% Australian owned and operated and are based on the Gold Coast, keeping money in our economy and allowing us to keep up to date with specific emerging technologies and on top of issues that directly affect our Australian clients. All decisions are made locally, alleviating any red tape or barriers that may affect decision making.
As directors of Levit8 Business IT Solutions we have made the decision that we will always be accessible to our clients providing an outstanding level of support. Because of this commitment to service quality, we are both contactable anytime if you have concerns, questions, or queries regarding a project or SLA.

To find out more about working with the team at Levit8 Business IT Solutions, get in touch with us today.

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