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You’re Being Billed Too Much

Nobody likes paying more than they need to for products or services and unfortunately the IT industry is peppered with unscrupulous IT guys. Unethical firms or support providers will waste no time in confusing you with technical jargon and then overcharging you for services you didn’t need, simply because you were none the wiser.

You will also be paying too much for IT support if you are using the traditional break/fix method. This entails calling an IT guy out when you have problems. He will then bill you for fixing them – meaning you are not able to budget properly as you never know what you’ll be spending on IT support come the end of each month.

In addition to this, when the person responsible for fixing your IT problems is dependent on them to earn a living, you can be certain that they are not looking for a long term solution, meaning the same issues will keep on cropping up again and again.

But there is a way to stop yourself spending too much on IT support and maintenance and that is to switch to an outsourced Managed IT Services plan, such as those offered by Levit8 Business IT Solutions.

We look after your IT around the clock for one fixed flat monthly fee, giving you greater control over your budget and an IT environment that works the way it’s supposed to.

After all, it’s in our best interests to keep your IT up and running too!

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